Staying motivated during workouts can be challenging at times. But, I found having a support system, knowledge, and additional supplements have been helpful. Good luck!

change. one day at a time

Now that I am 30, I don’t have the voice of my mother telling me to eat my veggies, my coach telling me to run more sprints, or the blind trust of youth telling me it will all be perfect.Full Camel pose. Yoga.

So time to create my own motivation, diet, devotion, and trust.

I have been a yoga teacher and meditation teacher for years, but really haven’t practiced what I preached to the extent that I know I can achieve my own goals, happiness, and health. So I have to own up to myself here…so I currently weigh 160.3 lbs.  I have the goal of reaching 135.  This was the weight I was in my best shape.  I want to not only be more fit, but really embrace my fitness, as well as my health.  I have meditated every Tuesday night while I teach the class, but haven’t been as committed to…

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