Slow Flight R&R in the Hangar

Blood, sweat, tears, and great friendships along the way.

As with the development of my Zenair CH 640, building a remote control airplane can also take up a small chunk of your time. Furthermore, I own a “Night Vapor,” which I developed at a full pace over a period of 2 ½ years, and 6000 hours. If it weren’t for the comrades (taken from the old Russian movies), and mutual cooperation of the many people I’ve met along the way – on a similar path as myself – my goal surely could never have been achieved.

One of the really fun things that grew out of this experience was flying the micro-size electric aircraft around the hangar for fun and relaxation. There’s no way to quantify the benefits of having some really light-hearted fun when you’re in the middle of an enormous project that sometimes feels as if there is no end in sight.

Initially, we all flew coaxial helicopters. These electric helicopters have two rotor blades to make them more stable and easier to fly. They can fly around columns, under the rafters, crashing into each other, near misses, complete destruction and everything in between. Sometimes we’d laugh so hard we all thought we’d fall over.

After flying these fun little flying menaces (electric helicopters) for a while, I also discovered micro slow flight electric airplanes. And, if you thought the helicopters were fun, imagine an airplane that weighs in at ¾ of an ounce. That’s right……and the battery is the heaviest item on the whole airplane.  The plan is mostly made out of mylar and super thin carbon fiber strips and plastic. You can fly them so slow that you can even get them to almost hang in mid-air.

Here is a video of this plane being flown. See if you can stifle the urge towards uncontrollable laughter.