Quest for the Perfect Cup of Coffee


I love a great cup of coffee, but in my experience, this has proven to be a very elusive thing to make
or buy. I’ve searched for better beans, grinders, coffee makers, etc. with only very modest results.

Most people love the coffee I make, but to me it’s only So-So. While I was on a business trip last year
in Makati City, Philippines, I went to a local restaurant called the “New York Café.” When the waiter
brought my coffee I was amazed. It was by far the best cup of coffee I’d ever had. I asked him how he
made it and he pointed at the Espresso machine, but he didn’t provide an Espresso. He had made me coffee, and
used an Espresso machine to make it. Because of the language difference I had no way to find out
from him how he did it.

Over the past year, I have searched far and wide in an attempt to replicate his feat. I’ve gotten many
different answers and opinions from many different Espresso aficionados and barista’s. The three answers
that made the most sense were a Lungo (or Long Shot), Café Americano (multiple shots of Espresso
with hot water added) or Café Crema (a double espresso made with a courser grind of beans and much
more water) which turned out to be the answer to my quest.

Unfortunately, using an Espresso machine successfully is a feat unto itself. Many, many variables can
affect the outcome. The temperature of the water, the pressure at which the water is forced through
the coffee grounds, the Tamp (how tightly and evenly the coffee grounds are packed), how long the
water is forced through the grounds, etc., etc., etc.

My journey has had many twists and turns. Here’s a picture of the Espresso machine I’m getting.

Soon I will be able to say: “Halleluyah! I’ve reached the promised land.”