The Model X is my new replacement

I just changed my dream car!

There’s a great new car company named after one of the
greatest pioneers in electronics…..Nikola Tesla. Tesla Motors has only been in business since 2003
and they’ve already put into production 2 of the most amazing cars ever built, and now the 3rd.
It’s called Model X; sounds like something from a Flash Gordon movie (a lot of you probably
don’t know who that is….but that’s another story). The Model X is an SUV, with Gull Wing doors, 3 Rows of
Seats, an unbelievably low center of gravity, a drag coefficient near that of a Toyota Prius, faster
from 0 to 60 mph than a Porsche 911, and a 300 mile range and guess what………it doesn’t
use a drop of gas. That’s right……it’s 100% electric.