Unexpected Excitement in Bermuda

While winding up a 1 week cruise to Bermuda, we had some unexpected excitement. Today, on our last day when returning to the ship, The Norwegian Cruise Line Star, which was preparing to disembark for the U.S., there was an unexpected squall with winds exceeding 60 miles per hour.

The result was that some of the mooring lines snapped on the forward end of the ship, creating a very unsafe condition, and if not for the fast thinking on the part of the captain could have caused our ship to crash into the ship docked adjacent to us, The Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Sea.

The captain of our ship quickly made the decision to remove the remaining mooring lines from our ship so that he could maneuver our ship away from the dock to safety and summon the harbor master to have a Ships Pilot re-dock the NCL Star. Two Tugboats quickly responded to our situation by securing the NCL Star from the Starboard side of the boat, guiding us safely back to the dock.

Luckily no one was injured during this event, but apparently the Forward Gangway was damaged when the mooring lines snapped and some of the passengers from both ships had quite a scare as the Aft end of the NCL Star approached the Forward end of the Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas.