The Prep To A New Beginning

Edgar 1

My name is Edgar:

I have decided to lose weight, and in my decision, I have decided to try the HCG diet.  Now, this would be the the first diet I’ve ever tried, and thought it would be some what easy but just in the preparation of starting proved not so. On reading up on the diet, I learned that, I would have to obtain some key factors before even starting.

I would need to get 2 scales, one for weight and the other for weighting my food portions. You would say to yourself how hard can that be?  Well, with the scale for your weight, you need it to be spot on and in reviewing different types of scales some are not all that accurate.

So after researching, I came across a good scale at a doable price. Now on to the food scale, which they ask you to use a letter scale but I found that digital food scales work just as good and a little bit more accessible. And, the most important thing of all is to definitely educate yourself about this diet cause it is not easy at all. It requires a lot of dedication, restraint, commitment, and self motivation to see it all the way through. I’m more than excited to begin this journey and see where it takes me!

All roads lead to success and I’m ready to travel.

Ps. Keep you updated with my experience on a weekly basis.

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