Week 1 to Success

Edgar 2

I just finished my first week of the 500 calorie part of the HCG diet, and I have to say its pretty easy and tough at the same time.

I say the diet is easy cause of my background. I am a chef, so when it came to finding creative ideas on making my dishes, it wasn’t that difficult. I was able to make every meal very enjoyable given the  ingredients, and seasoning I was allowed to work with. I say the diet is hard because I would go out and see people eating what ever they want and the temptation is everywhere. And the hunger, the hunger will get to you but its completely mental. When ever I would get hungry I would either drink tea or seltzer and that helped a lot.

So, my thoughts after the first week are that I am a believer and will continue to dedicate myself to this diet because it does produce results. I began this diet a week ago, and I weighed in at 284lbs. Today, I weigh 272lbs!!!!!   12lbs!!!!!! I’m truly excited, and can’t wait to see the final result.

FCHW!!!!! ( Faith.Commitment.Hard Work ) -SpokenReasons

P.s. Tune in next week for my weekly update! And, Thanks for your support…

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