WEEK 2………..OMG!


Week 2 has been an interesting journey.

I will start by saying in total, I have lost 17lbs to date. I’m very happy about the results, but for a minute, I thought I messed up with the diet!  Come to find out, I hit my plateau which basically means my weight hit a certain point where it will slow up for at least a day but no longer than a week after I should continue losing weight.

The reason why I thought I made a mistake was because I finally fought the infamous “grissini” breadstick. If you do not know, the Grissini breadsticks are made with oil so I had to stop eating them even though I consumed for 4 days. Since that disaster has been avoided, I feel a lot better to back on the right path.

During the week, I experienced the cravings, and since I’ve started the diet, the smell and the sight of food I could not indulge is haunting my dreams. The best thing that has come out of this diet isn’t just the weight loss, but also the issue I have had with alcohol.

I would drink alcohol every night before I went to to sleep because I use to suffer from something called “night terrors,” and drinking would be the only thing that would subdue these “terrors”. Since quitting alcohol, I have had some of the best sleep in a long time, and I wake up more refreshed than ever.

Though  I am only 14 days into the diet, and have somewhat of a long way to go, I can honestly say it has been one of my best decisions.

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