Finished 41, Now on to the maintenance


Yes!!!!!! I finally made it!!!!

The hardest part of the diet is over, which is 500 calories per day, for 41 days. Now, its on to the maintenance – 21 days of no starches and no sugars – Phase 1. Then – another 21 days of slow re-introducing starches and sugars back into your system – Phase 2.

During Phase 1 and 2, you can almost eat anything you want, but you still have to watch your weight. Weigh yourself everyday because it is very important to make sure your weight stays the same as your weight when you stop taking the HCG dose (s). If your weight goes 2lbs, or more over your last weigh-in, you get to do something that I thought would never work but it does. And, its call “Steak Day.”

Steak Day begins with no breakfast, lunch, and a lot of liquids. As the evening approach, you get to have the largest steak you can find, and top it off with an apple or tomato. When you wake up to weigh yourself the next morning, surprisingly, your weight will correct itself.

I know, its a little hard to believe but trust me it works!

My last weigh-in was 254lbs, and in a couple of days I went up to 257lbs. I did the Steak Day and the very next morning I weighed 253lbs. I was more than surprised.

Since that day, my weight has been dropping slowly but surely. As of today, I’m going into my 2nd wk of phase 1 and I weighed 251lbs for the past couple of days. So that means as of today, I have lost….. 33lbs!!!!! Very excited to see how this ends.

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