Why I Created This Blog?

Life has a unique way of advancing from childhood – where the simplest things are enjoyable; transcending through adolescence – where the fear of not fitting in becomes the topic of our day; and evolving through young adulthood, as we attempt self-discovery among other things. The final stage, which is described as adulthood, probably raises the following questions, “Have I accomplished my goals?”, “Will I out-live my parents?”, “Will our child/children out-live us?”, and “Will I have someone to love?”

So far, I’ve lived a considerably short, yet meaningful life. I have found my best days are spent reminiscing, having a deep appreciation for life, laughing uncontrollably, leading an active lifestyle, and expressing love for others.

I created this blog as a testament to what I believe is the best expression of myself to others. I hope you enjoy this blog, as you are welcome to visit as often as you like.

Lastly, another great achievement I will always feel proud about, is overcoming my struggles with weight-loss. Feel free to visit my website for more information.

Much Thanks!